how To Live Free and prosper outside of the control of tyrants (no matter What They do or how bad things get)

We can't control outbreaks or pseudo-outbreaks.

We can't control state mandates or the actions of petty tyrants and psychopaths. 

We can't control the economy. 

We can't control banks. 

We can't control other people. 

And we can't control what the ruling elite are going to do.

These psychopaths will push forward the Greater Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the New World Order (whatever you want to call it) no matter what you do or how you feel about it.


We CAN control our knowledge, skills, and actions to overcome anything that these non-controllable events will throw our way.

We CAN escape being enslaved in systems of government and corporate control. 

Because what THEY don't want you to know is...

You have more POWER and CONTROL over your own life than you can imagine.

And you have more opportunities, technologies, and methods to live freer and more prosperously than you ever thought possible right now no matter how totalitarian society becomes.

Improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

That's the unofficial slogan of the Marines but it might as well be the official slogan for "free marketeers."

A "free marketeer" is a person who's in constant motion to live free using all the means within their control.

We've created a monthly newsletter for the free marketeer to deliver the most powerful and ACTIONABLE strategies, tactics, and resources to escape government and corporate systems of control, grow and protect your wealth, and live a life of unstoppable liberty.

Surviving tyranny is our first objective.

But that's just a means to reach our second objective:

Living a happy and free life on our own terms. Building families, communities, and even societies of liberty, independence, and self-government.

We want to be free. But we also want to live well. 

We'll show you how to accomplish both by taking direct action immediately without waiting for anyone to save you. This is the way to save yourself.  

This newsletter is written to be fresh and up-to-date with what's happening RIGHT NOW in the world and how to understand it, respond to it, and THRIVE in spite of it.

You can apply this knowledge TODAY to take back more power into your own life and reduce the power any State or corporation tries to exercise over you WITHOUT voting, protesting, or asking for permission.

Best of all...

We give you HUNDREDS of options for living free in whatever way YOU choose. 


The Counter Markets Newsletter

James Corbett

Finally! A newsletter focused on agorism and counter-economics. The technology underlying agorism and the community surrounding it are growing so fast, it’s tough to keep track of it all. I’m looking forward to finding new topics/ideas/technologies and people on these pages.


The Counter Markets Newsletter is the ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION for improving personal independence. I've used it to cut down on my day job and work in the counter economy.

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I've expanded my liberty and ability to get around the State using tips on profiting from crypto and  maintaining privacy.

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Helps me see different angles of current events and take advantage of them economically and socially.

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Every issue of the Counter Markets Newsletter contains at least three exclusive reports covering:

  • Agorism - The tools and strategies to profit in the underground "counter-economy", hide your activities from public and private snoops, and take back your liberty without asking for permission
  • Cryptocurrency - How to buy, earn, and trade Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies for profit and personal independence to grow wealthy and free outside of the rigged central banking system
  • Making Money - How to become an entrepreneur and start profitable side hustles, earn extra cash "under the table", create and grow successful businesses offline and online, and consistently raise your income to create financial sovereignty and afford the freedom you deserve
  • Investing and Wealth - The top investment strategies for growing your wealth long-term, the exact investments we recommend to build "stealth wealth" outside of Wall Street, and the step-by-step proven methods for safeguarding your fortune (no matter how small or large), reducing (or eliminating) taxes, and even becoming your own bank
  • Homesteading and Food Production - How to produce bushels of your own food indoors, outdoors, or in your local community, generate your own energy year-round, and the best and most inexpensive tools, equipment, and systems for forging an independent life
  • Prepping - How to practically prep like a pro for when SHTF and survive emergencies
  • DIY Self-Reliance - How to use 3D printers, Arduino boards, and co-ops to make your own stuff, automate equipment and tasks, and maximize your self-reliance 
  • Trends & Forecasting - The breaking insights, investment options, and developments in economics, politics, culture, and technology so you know what's happening in the world and how to position yourself for maximum freedom and prosperity

Below is a handpicked selection of some of the BEST and most ACTIONABLE reports we've ever produced in each of these areas (which you can access in minutes from right now after subscribing)


The philosophy of agorism and counter-economics + how to think and act like a "free marketeer" to put these principles into action

  • Issue 24 - Derrick Broze review of the recently recovered unfinished manuscript, Counter-Economics by the late founder of agorism, Samuel E Konkin III
  • Issue 43 - Agorist Legends and Their Impacts
  • Issue 23 - Two Paths To Freedom For Agorists
  • Issue 14 - The Drawbacks (And Solutions) To Living The Agorist Lifestyle
  • Issue 33 - Entrepreneurship More Effective At Achieving Liberty Than Politics
  • Issue 53 - Political Action Versus Direct Action For Liberty
  • How blockchain technology can “protect the children” from predators better than any government program or corporate 3rd-party - Issue #37, pg 14
  • Issue 21 - What Happens After You Fire Your Town’s Government?
  • Issue 45 - A Message to the Armchair Agorist

How to start side hustles and businesses in the counter-economy + how to find and exploit legal loopholes

  • Issue 2 - Shades Of Grey Markets: How Government Overregulation Creates Counter-Economic Opportunities
  • Issue 11 - Thai Counter-Economics: A Case Study 
  • Issue 15 - Adventures In An Agorist Brick And Mortar Business
  • Issue 16 - Part 2: Adventures In An Agorist Brick And Mortar Business
  • Issue 38 - The Boundaries of State Power and the Agora
  • Issue 42 - The Rise of Libertarian Intentional Communities
  • Issue 48 - Wall Street Bets and The Rise of Financial Activism

The top agorist tools for privately trading, secretly communicating, and building the underground free market

  • Issue 11 - Best Tools To Connect And Trade Directly With Your Neighbors
  • Issue 31 - Unregulated Spaces Are Opportunities for Agorists
  • Issue 39 - Technology to Conduct Gray Market Business
  • Issue 51 - New Tools To Protect Thought Criminals
  • Issue 55 - Digital Privacy in an Age of Surveillance
  • Issue 44 - Boycotts and Buycotts: Change Through Commerce


What Bitcoin is and why it's so valuable and powerful + the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto + in-depth breakdowns of cryptocurrency events, news, and philosophy

  • Issue 23 - What is Bitcoin?
  • Issue 25 - Why Bitcoin is Valuable
  • Issue 36 - The Narrative of Bitcoin
  • Issue 20 - Does Crypto Twitter Prove Identity Of Satoshi?
  • Issue 21 - Hash Wars And The Hero’s Journey
  • Issue 22 - Hash Wars And The Hero’s Journey: Part 2
  • Issue 68 - What Makes A Good Digital Currency
  • Issue 72 - Bitcoin As A Commodity
  • Issue 53 - Bitcoin’s DIY Disconnect

How to acquire, earn, use, and invest in cryptocurrency to escape the central banking system and grow wealthy and free

  • Issue 11 - How To Acquire Cryptocurrency Without Buying It: EARN IT!
  • Issue 17 - Earn Crypto, Sell Your Products For Cryptocurrency
  • Issue 33 - How To Earn Cryptocurrency
  • Issue 10 - Blockchain Bluechips: How I Protect My Cryptocurrency Holdings
  • Issue 36 - Where to Spend Cryptocurrency
  • Issue 52 - How To Take Profits From Crypto Without Cashing Into Dollars

Pardon the interruption, but it must be pointed out in this section that sometimes the insights found within the Counter Markets Newsletter are so important, even mainstream magazines have to cover what we report...

Here's an excerpt from Forbes commenting on Cyprian's (Vin Armani's) report, Does Crypto Twitter Prove Identity Of Satoshi? found in Issue 20 (listed above) giving it high praise and admitting that Cyprian has likely identified the real Satoshi Nakamoto:


Dozens of ways to make more money immediately, get a higher-paying job quickly, start a profitable side hustle, or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur with a tried-and-tested business model

  • Issue 12 - Dreaming In Code: Why Software Programming Is The Ultimate Skill To Pay The Bills
  • Issue 57 - Highest Paying Professions With Short Certificate Courses
  • Issue 7 - 8 Ways To Monetize Your Online Audience
  • Issue 13 - Build A Live Broadcast Studio For Under One Thousand Dollars
  • Issue 31 - Make Money With Shopify
  • Issue 51 - Best Side Hustles During the Dim Age and Great Reset
  • Issue 72 - Best All-Cash Businesses And Side Hustles
  • Issue 73 - Art + Dropshipping: Print On-Demand As A Business
  • Issue 79 - Remote Freelance Skills In High Demand

How to be an entrepreneur in the modern world, think like a successful businessperson, and see and take advantage of opportunities all around you 

  • Issue 17 - Understanding The Value Of Cultural Capital
  • Issue 30 - Creating Value
  • Issue 30 - Why Tesla and Elon Musk Will Keep Winning
  • Issue 41 - Entrepreneurship In The Dim Age
  • Issue 48 - Doing Business in The Dim Age
  • Issue 58 - Playing The Hand You Are Dealt In The Dim Age
  • Issue 67 - Reversing A Scarcity Mindset For Abundance
  • Issue 57 - Business Models for Protocols, Not Platforms
  • Issue 40 - Protocols And The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Proven strategies for starting a new business, marketing it to the right people, and growing it long-term

  • Issue 3 - Content is King: Why EVERY Business Is In The Content Business
  • Issue 6 - Offer a Unique Experience and They Will Come
  • Issue 8 - How To Tell A Story To Promote Your Business
  • Issue 19 - A Tale Of Two Garages: Self-Funding Vs. Venture Funding
  • Issue 29 - Social Capital And The Attention Economy
  • Issue 35 - Do You Know Your Real Customer?
  • Issue 49 - The Medium Is The Marketplace
  • Issue 59 - Setting A Vision and Goals For Entrepreneurs
  • Issue 63 - Strategies To Identify New Business Ideas
  • Issue 68 - Building Cultural Capital
  • Issue 80 - Be Successful On YouTube Without Showing Your Face
  • Issue 81 - Universal Content Marketing Strategy For Any Size Business


The best investment strategies for expanding your wealth, reducing taxes, being your own bank, and living a prosperous life long into retirement

  • Issue 4 - 8 Powerful (Legal) Strategies To Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Issue 62 - Family Is Wealth
  • Issue 8 - Why Capital Resources Are Part Of My Wealth Strategy
  • Issue 15 - 10 Best Books For Your Wealth Library
  • Issue 12 - How To Create Your Own Banking System Outside Of Wall Street
  • Issue 14 - Using Your Own Banking System To Acquire Assets

The EXACT investments you should make for long-term wealth growth and protection outside of Wall Street and the rigged financial system

  • Issue 3 - Your Off-Grid Financial Plan: From Zero To Millions
  • Issue 2 - Stackers Guide To Buying Silver Online: An In-Depth Comparison Of Top Dealers
  • Issue 24 - Stealth Wealth And Unregistered Assets
  • Issue 26 - How To Leverage Real Estate Without Registering As The Owner
  • Issue 56 - 10 Digital Assets To Create or Invest In Besides Cryptos
  • Issue 63 - Ways To Add Value To Property Without Permits
  • Issue 64 - Golden Eggs During A Collapse


How to grow bushels of food in your home, in your yard, in the community, or even just in water (and the right seeds to collect and protect for long-term food security)

  • Issue 2 - Growing Food For Health And Profit In Your Backyard
  • Issue 32 - Building Community Gardens For Health and Prosperity
  • Issue 5 - How To Get Started With Aquaculture
  • Issue 13 - Urban Agriculture: Getting Started With Indoor Hydroponics
  • Issue 43 - The Great Food Reset and How to Counter Centralized Seed Banks
  • Issue 66 - The Food Of The Future Starts With The Shortages Of Today
  • Issue 41 - Bonus: How Home Food Production Can Protect Your Property Value

Why homesteading is so valuable and critical (especially in modern times)

  • Issue 28 - The Value Of DIY
  • Issue 55 - The Hidden Value of Homesteading and Prepping
  • Issue 67 - Off-Grid Living: From Fringe To Necessity?

How to create a thriving homestead with the right land, water collection system, tools, equipment, and more

  • Issue 35 - Homesteading For Freedom And Independence
  • Issue 37 - How To Get Cheap Farmland
  • Issue 17 - Water Independence: Collecting Rainwater
  • Issue 66 - Most Valuable Capital Equipment For Independence
  • Issue 70 - Best Gifts For Off Grid Independence

How to produce off-grid energy

  • Issue 3 - Best Alternative Energy Options To Increase Your Independence
  • Issue 16 - Energy Independence: Biogas


How to prepare for emergencies and what to prep for when the sh*t hits the fan

  • Issue 4 - How To Ensure Clean Drinking Water For Your Family
  • Issue 21 - Simple Guide To Practical Prepping
  • Issue 37 - How to Survive and Thrive During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Issue 39 - Best Books For Surviving Food Shortages
  • Issue 61 - Step Up Your Preps: Freedom Convoy’ Supply Chain Problem


Why "doing-it-yourself" (DIY) is key to living a free life and how to get started

  • Issue 10 - Why DIY Is A Valuable Form Of Counter Economics 
  • Issue 18 - How To Organize A Makerspace
  • Issue 19 - Organizing A Cooperative

How to use 3D printing to manufacture your own goods, fight supply chain issues, and solve real-world problems

  • Issue 1 - Take Ownership Of Micro-Manufacturing With 3D Printers
  • Issue 7 - 5 Examples of Practical 3D Printing
  • Issue 12 - Real-World, Low-Cost Local Manufacturing With 3D Printing
  • Issue 14 - The Why And How Of Building DIYbio Hardware
  • Issue 20 -Opportunities In 3D Printing
  • Issue 52 - How 3D Printing Can Combat The Supply Crisis And Inflation
  • Issue 6 - “Smart Farming” Can Deliver Independence With Less Back-breaking Work

How to use Arduino boards to automate your life and gain more independence

  • Issue 15 - How To Build Your First Arduino And Begin Automating Your Life
  • Issue 8 - 5 Arduino Examples To Deliver More Independence To Your Community


Bitcoin and Silver Reports

Every month, we dive into the latest Bitcoin activity, showing you when it dipped and rose in price and the activity surrounding these events.

We’ll give you insight into the mind of a Bitcoin trader and forecast future activity so you’ll be prepared to “strike” at the right moments.

You'll also discover how to take full advantage of this liberating technology outside of mere profit - how to use it for freedom and prosperity in other areas of your life.

But we go beyond cryptocurrency and monitor the second-best wealth reserve next to gold and Bitcoin...


We analyze current monetary policy, global market activity, and economies in key countries to give you insights into how the US dollar and stock market is performing so you know what’s driving the price of silver up or down.

We also show you how well silver has been trading, recap its latest activity, and forecast what’s coming in the future so you know when and how to invest your wealth in this precious metal as a proven safe-haven from recessions, depressions, and collapses.

I am very impressed. That isn’t easy to do. We live in a world where, in many ways, content is produced in such quantity to get someone to pay for it requires something special. I think Vin Armani and his team have nailed it in that regard. It will give subscribers an edge in changing markets.

Jack Spirko

the full archive of Reports (to-date) Inside the Counter markets newsletter 


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The Counter Markets Newsletter was founded by:

Jeff Paul

Digital media and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, homeschooling dad, and mediocre gardener. Co-founder of

Cyprian (Vin Armani)

Serial entrepreneur and startup founder, software developer, and media star. Founder of and co-host of the Royal Path podcast.

Nicholas West

Editor-in-Chief of Activist Post Media and expat in an undisclosed location in Central America.

Brian Berletic

Self-sufficiency expert and founder of a cooperative makerspace in Thailand.

With contributions from:

MC Laubscher

Wealth advisor and host of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast.

Derrick Broze

Independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and leading Agorist.

And more!

Peter R Quinones

The BEST newsletter I've ever subscribed to.

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Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality

This slim ebook puts into plain language how embracing the concept of self ownership provides a path to a better life, a more peaceful society, and the abolition of the State.

Inside Self Ownership you'll discover:

  • What "ownership" truly means and how you come to own yourself (and therefore, come to own things outside of yourself).
  • What property is and what it isn't. 
  • How violence is used to settle territory (property) claims throughout nature.
  • How immorality is defined as aggressing against claimed property. 
  • How the secret to reducing human violence rests in peaceful ways to protect property and better ways to deal with property disputes (blockchain).  

Plus much, much more... 

(You get immediate access to the audiobook and ebook version of Self Ownership when you subscribe to Counter Markets today!)

self ownership book by vin armani

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And the ideas, resources, and strategies discussed by our members build upon or expand beyond the solutions found inside the Counter Markets Newsletter, making them even more powerful and effective.

Many Counter Markets subscribers say that gaining access to the mastermind group and the collective knowledge, resources, and networks inside is worth the price of admission alone.

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  • Offer your own strategies for freedom and hear how others are maneuvering through the rigged system, regardless of the country you’re in or the level of authoritarianism you're facing.

To recap...

Here's EVERYTHING you get with the Counter Markets Newsletter:

Every archived issue of the Counter Markets Newsletter - over 80 complete issues (and counting) of hard-hitting strategies, insights, and advice for starving the State while growing your wealth.

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TOTAL VALUE of the Counter Markets Newsletter


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You're not paying $661 either...

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So we've decided to charge WAY LESS for the Counter Markets Newsletter while giving you WAY MORE value. 

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"It is difficult to imagine how we could have a free society - should we wish it - without a free market." 

Samuel E Konkin III