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  • What does the president of Microsoft, the secretary general of the UN, the director of the IMF, and England’s Prince Charles have in common? The end of the world as we know it... - pg 3
  • How to become invisible to mass surveillance leveraging cryptocurrency, privacy tools, and encryption to survive the digital gulags - pg 7
  • If you're an entrepreneur, listen up: You have an ENORMOUS opportunity to serve an emerging, growing market of young crypto-enthusiasts who want to do business with you, regardless of what you sell (they’re just waiting for you to offer THIS and they'll flock to you - it’s inevitable) - pg 15
  • 6 ways to acquire profitable land and obtain higher levels of independence even if you don’t want to sell your home and’re stuck in an urban area for work... you have poor credit...or can’t afford a down payment... ANYONE can find wealth-building land using these proven strategies - pg 20
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Peter R. Quinones

Your free issue of the Counter Markets Newsletter is broken into 3 separate reports:

  1. 1
    Why The Great Reset Will Fail and Decentralization Will Win
  2. 2
    The Medium Is The Marketplace
  3. 3
    How To Get Cheap Farmland

Here's a breakdown of exactly what you'll find inside each report...

Why The Great Reset Will Fail and Decentralization Will Win (pg 2-10)

  • What agorism looks like in real life and how to apply it to yours today.
  • How to survive technocracy and why we need a “survival” currency (and what that may look like).
  • Why we need to create a family culture that doesn’t teach kids to mindlessly comply with authority (and how to do it).
  • The necessary steps to reclaim your education and foster critical thinking.
  • How to love during this time of chaos and division (for couples and singles).
  • The one woman bravely saving the right to travel and her project to allow people to fly the world without mandatory vaccinations, masks, or any other anti-human assaults on your liberty.
  • How humanity can live more in harmony with the planet, grow our own food, and create local food production.
  • A breakdown of the digital revolution we’re currently in and how you can leverage cryptocurrency, privacy, and encryption for more freedom in the age of mass surveillance.
  • A discussion from the CEOs of the top alternative social media along with their impact, purpose, and future.
  • The best alternative forms of organizing communities.
  • Insights into permaculture from one of its greatest farmers after 25 years building 4 intentional communities and ecovillages across Costa Rica.
  • The truth you must know about the COVID vaccines and mandates and how to protect yourself from them.
  • The rarely discussed connection between human liberation and animal liberation and why one can increase the other.
  • Proven tips for building “solutions freedom groups” from the creator of the Thrive documentary series.

The Medium Is The Marketplace (pg 11-16)

  • Vin Armani's agorist adventures in reggaeton internet radio (and the lessons you can use to establish your own successful counter-economic business).
  • Why Vin chose to leverage open-source technology in the early 2000s to launch his streaming audio service (when you see a clear opportunity, take swift action).
  • How Vin tapped into emerging markets to grow his business while supporting independent artists...
  • How Vin’s business partner invented the branding style adopted by all of Reggaeton culture (and what it has to do with “piracy”).
  • 3 key competitive advantages gained from Vin running his business the agorist way.
  • How he was able to operate as a business without incorporating (thanks to the assets they legally controlled and could therefore sell).
  • Why the market they chose to serve helped them stay under the radar of regulators (hint: language made all the difference).
  • The secret to winning against Big Business and Big Government: betting on their Big Ignorance and lack of vision for the future.
  • The enormous opportunity YOU have if you own a business or sell any product or service to serve an emerging, growing market of hungry consumers (they’re just waiting for you to offer THIS and they will flock to you - It’s inevitable).
  • The “Grubhub effect” that will determine who finds and purchases your products and the single “tweak” to make to your business to attract the masses of this one untapped market.
  • The simplest method to pull in customers who want to buy from agorists, escape the central banking system, and collaborate in the counter-economy.
  • Hard-won lessons for entrepreneurs to learn and internalize now before THIS rising market with major spending power bubbles over (PLUS, how to establish yourself as a leader in your niche before it does)

How To Get Cheap Farmland (pg 17-27)

  • 6 ways to acquire land and obtain higher levels of independence even if you don’t want to sell your home and move, you’re stuck in an urban area for work, you have poor credit, or can’t afford a down payment. ANYONE can find wealth-building land using these proven strategies.
  • What to look for in the location of the land you want to keep costs low and be certain of your choice.
  • Think you need to OWN land to garden or farm? Nope! 2 of the most successful modern farmers confirm that you can find and use available farmland wherever you live, even in big cities...and turn rented farmland into highly profitable businesses.
  • 1 simple and free website you can use to locate rentable farmland in your area.
  • The single most important agreement you must make with the farmland owner before renting to avoid getting screwed over in case they decide to sell the property.
  • How to buy land and pay for it years later. Use this tactic to lock in the price and secure the right to a property you think will rise in value over time.
  • Want to buy land with full ownership rights without getting a mortgage or going through a traditional bank? This is by far the best way to do it with the most flexibility. PLUS, we’ll give you 5 methods for finding these types of deals in your area.
  • The best strategy for purchasing cheap land. What I call the “Kit Kat approach.” If you want to do this right, you’ll have to learn the local zoning laws, the application process, and hire a surveyor. But you’ll be getting land at WHOLESALE prices and save a ton more money by not buying through a realtor. Here’s a guide on how to get started.
  • 3 financial and social tips for purchasing land with a group (friends, family, or community members) to make cooperative ownership successful and sustainable.

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Finally! A newsletter focused on agorism and counter-economics. The technology underlying agorism and the community surrounding it are growing so fast, it’s tough to keep track of it all. I’m looking forward to finding new topics/ideas/technologies and people on these pages.

James Corbett

And here's a special message from Vin Armani, co-creator of the Counter Markets Newsletter, for all you entrepreneurs reading this...

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I am very impressed. That isn’t easy to do. We live in a world where, in many ways, content is produced in such quantity to get someone to pay for it requires something special. I think Vin Armani and his team have nailed it in that regard. It will give subscribers an edge in changing markets.

Jack Spirko

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