Important question for action-taking liberty lovers who want to live free in an unfree world...

What’s the biggest difference between entrepreneurial libertarians who build multiple successful businesses, expand their wealth, and live self-sufficiently while avoiding taxes and weakening the State...

...and those "political" libertarians who keep voting, keep protesting, and keep getting screwed over by the government?

If you guessed they live off-grid in a forest bunker, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed they don’t live in America, you’d still be wrong.

And if you guessed…

...they’re well-connected in Washington...

...they’re working jobs I could never have...

...they’re smarter than me, they’re more skilled than me, or they’re luckier than me…

You’d be dead wrong.

Because the difference is…

Entrepreneurial Libertarians Know (and Practice) the "Secret" to Truly Living Free and Subverting the State

Here's an example of this "secret" in action:

99% of people didn’t know about Bitcoin until 2017.

Now the financial news networks cover it every day.

That didn’t happen because a majority of Americans read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper.

It happened because liberty-minded individuals quietly adopted the technology, started voluntarily buying and trading with it underground, and “normies” eventually caught on and started using it.

No direct political action needed. Just plain ol’ human action in the market.

And it's this "secret" that entrepreneurial libertarians put into action every day that the political libertarians completely forget about.

Which brings us to the heart of the problem...

Understanding Liberty Isn't Enough to Change Politics and Culture (You're Missing Something Critical)

Most libertarians are too focused on pointing out the roots of the problems in society (State intervention), on having the perfect arguments (for Twitter debates), and on being the smartest ones in the room (most of the time).

To put it bluntly:

We've become intellectual eggheads. 

And if you want personal and financial freedom (in addition to reducing the size and scope of government), eventually you have to ask yourself…

Will reading Rothbard help you feed your family?

Will shutting down your socialist Facebook friends help you secure a prosperous financial future?

Will listening to libertarian podcasters allow you to build a successful business?

And will any of this stop the State in any meaningful sense?

Because while you’re busy devouring Human Action, calling your congressmen, and pounding beers at the next Libertarian Party meeting...

  • The bombs keep dropping.
  • The prisons keep swelling.
  • And the collectivists continue marching forward.

The traditional route of bringing about liberty through the political process simply isn't working.

And if all you're doing is reading and sharing articles on, you're not going to make a bit of difference in the world around you.

So instead of doing the same thing that hasn't been working for decades... can use this "secret" to grow your wealth, protect your family, and starve the state.

The “Secret” to Eroding the State and Growing Your Wealth at the Same Time

If politics, voting, and education won’t stop the State…

What will?

One word coined in the ‘70s by radical libertarian theorist Samuel Edward Konkin III, also known as SEK3:


“The goal of agorism is the agora. The society of the open marketplace as near to untainted by theft, assault, and fraud as can be humanly attained is as close to a free society as can be achieved. And a free society is the only one in which each and every one of us can satisfy his or her subjective values without crushing others’ values by violence and coercion”.

Samuel Edward Konkin III

In other words:

Agorism is the peaceful economic exchange of goods and services outside of the State’s control.

This is often called “counter-economics.”

It's when enterprising individuals peacefully and voluntarily buy and sell products and services in black and "grey" markets - ignoring the State’s laws, regulations, and restrictions on commerce.

Basically, you’re buying and selling what you want, how you want, with whomever you want, any time you want WITHOUT government approval.

And we're going to show you step-by-step HOW to put agorism into action to take control of your life, your future, and your liberty. 

But you may be a little skeptical about this strategy...

In fact, you're probably wondering...

Does Agorism Actually Work to Change Politics and Culture (Let Alone My Personal Finances and Freedom)?

Oh yeah.

We already showed you how agorism brought Bitcoin into the mainstream.

And why do you think Marijuana is fully legal in 9 states and medically legal in another 30 states?

Because growers, dealers, and consumers used it illegally until it reached a cultural tipping point and government couldn’t ignore it any longer (and they knew they couldn’t stop it).

Marijuana moved from the black and grey markets into the white market.

That’s one form of agorism.

What were young people in Soviet Russia doing to undermine the State’s power?

Getting high, listening to rock ‘n roll, and smuggling in American denim jeans.

They wanted the fruits of capitalism instead of the waste of communism and they realized the State wouldn’t give them what they wanted (and needed) so they got it themselves.

Agorism, baby.

Now let's get a little more extreme...

A lot of states proposed and passed new gun control measures in the wake of mass shootings like Parkland. It would seem to regular people that the 2nd Amendment is in trouble.


You can now 3D print the lower half of a variety of guns or use a CNC mill to make most of the parts of an AR-15 in your own garage. Buying and easily assembling the rest of the firearm without a serial number and without any LEO or spook to stop you.

Agorism for the win again.

Each of these examples of agorism shows you 3 things:

  1. You CAN take your power back from the State.
  2. You CAN help create a freer world.
  3. And you CAN make money doing it.

We’re about to share with you HOW you can put Agorism into action for Personal Gain AND Social Change...

Get ready to discover:

  • How to do business in all markets (white, grey, or black).
  • How to avoid taxation and protect your wealth.
  • How (and what) to invest your money in for maximum returns and minimum risk.
  • How to use “off-grid technology” to become more independent.
  • How to build a network of Agorists you can trade with.


How to slowly dissolve the State while you do it.

These outcomes are within your reach.

They don’t require any special skills or specific knowledge.

But they DO require a step-by-step approach.

A guide that walks you through counter-economic strategies, systems, and tools that are working RIGHT NOW and how to use them immediately.

A roadmap you can access instantly for navigating around the government and charting a course toward personal, financial, and societal freedom.


The Counter Markets Newsletter

The only Agorist newsletter in the world delivering 40+ pages of highly actionable strategies, guides, and tools for building your wealth, independence, and a free society outside of the rigged political system.

In every issue of Counter Markets, you'll receive:

  • A step-by-step approach for living, working, and playing on your own terms without asking permission from the State.
  • Strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver for long-term financial gains.
  • Case studies and specific tips and advice for starting and growing your own business with or without a license (and without paying taxes).
  • Forecasts for the economy and how to safeguard (or grow) your wealth during a financial collapse.
  • In-depth DIY guides for growing your own food, generating your own energy, and manufacturing your own goods.

And the motivation and instruction for building a free world (and a liberated life) through Agorist, counter-economic action.

James Corbett

Finally! A newsletter focused on agorism and counter-economics. The technology underlying agorism and the community surrounding it are growing so fast, it’s tough to keep track of it all. I’m looking forward to finding new topics/ideas/technologies and people on these pages.

I am very impressed. That isn’t easy to do. We live in a world where, in many ways, content is produced in such quantity to get someone to pay for it requires something special. I think Vin and his team have nailed it in that regard. It will give subscribers an edge in changing markets.

Jack Spirko

Who Are We to Tell You How to Grow Your Wealth and Starve the State?

We’re self-made libertarian entrepreneurs who live and breathe agorism.

We’ve built, bootstrapped, and grown multiple online and offline businesses for many years ranging from alternative media and advertising to wealth management, cryptocurrency solutions, and self-sufficiency.

Counter Markets Contributors:

Jeff Paul

Digital media and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, homeschooling dad, and mediocre gardener. Current COO of CoinText.

Vin Armani

Serial entrepreneur and startup founder, software developer, and media star. Current CTO of CoinText.

Nicholas West

Editor-in-Chief of Activist Post Media and expat in an undisclosed location in Central America.

Brian Berletic

Self-sufficiency expert and founder of a cooperative makerspace in Thailand.

MC Laubscher

Wealth advisor and host of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast.

Derrick Broze

Independent journalist and leading Agorist.

Why Did We Create the Counter Markets Newsletter?

Because we hate violent aggression in all its forms (especially when the State has a legal monopoly on it)...

And because we have an unyielding love for absolute, individual freedom. Same as you.

But also because...

We tried for too long to change things that were completely out of our control instead of focusing ONLY on the things we can influence.

The reality is, YOU are probably not going to bring down the national debt, or stop social security and medicaid from going insolvent, or prevent the growth of the police state or stop any of the known (and unknown) illegal, immoral wars. 

And the more we focused on the stuff we couldn't change, the more our bank accounts and assets dwindled, the less effective we became in bringing about liberty, and the darker our futures grew.

We realized resistance was futile...IF we were trying to change the system politically.

So instead of fighting the State on their terms, playing their game...

We decided to fight economically.

To focus on changing all the things in our control: our actions, investments, networks, businesses, skills, and communities.

That’s how we found true freedom in an unfree world.

We’ve been arrested. We’ve lost money. We’ve missed opportunities.

But slowly…

We've figured out how to avoid the regulators.

How to avoid taxes.

How to profit from simple investments.

How to predict and capitalize on market trends.

How to operate urban gardens and 3D printers.

How to start, run, grow, and sell successful businesses.

And best of all...

How to enrich ourselves using strategies that undermine the State's power, that gradually moves the culture toward more liberty instead of less, and puts you back in control over your own life, while influencing millions of others through your actions.

The Counter Markets Newsletter is the hard-won result of experimenting, failing, and learning how to live completely free even in the midst of the largest police, welfare, and warfare State in history.

And now we want to give it to you...

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The Counter Markets Newsletter Is Divided Into 5 main sections:

Trends & Forecasting


Self Sufficiency

Wealth Protection & Growth

Bitcoin & Silver Reports

  • 1
    Trends and Forecasting: Developments in economics, politics, and technology
  • 2
    Entrepreneurship: Ideas and tools to succeed in life and business
  • 3
    Self-Sufficiency: Tools and tips to become more self-reliant
  • 4
    Wealth: Strategies to protect & grow wealth outside of the corrupt system
  • 5
    Bitcoin & Silver Reports: Analysis and forecasts for bitcoin and silver

Here’s Exactly What You Get in Each and Every Issue of Counter Markets

Trends And Forecasting: How To Profit In ANY Economic Climate

Think of us as your own personal “wealth weathermen” to get in front of important trends.

Every day we analyze global and local trends to find the hidden opportunities for big gains most people like you (and many pro investors) won’t notice.

You’ll get a backseat pass to the driving forces behind emerging trends so you can get in on the action before anyone else.

And you’ll receive privileged information about the impacts of these trends and the opportunities that exist for you.

Our forecasts and analysis include:

  • Why you shouldn’t fear autonomous, self-driving vehicles (and how they’ll ultimately undermine the State’s power and improve your life in 8 key areas) - Issue #1, pg. 12
  • The rise of “technocracy” and the technologies developed by corporations, sold to governments, and used by cops to predict crime, bust drug dealers, and all but erase the 4th Amendment (yes, you should be scared...but you can fight back) - Issue #15, pg. 3
  • 10 alternative social media and content sharing sites that actively preserve your privacy and freedom of speech (and why it’s time to exit the “surveillance state” known as Facebook and the other major social sites) - Issue #8, pg. 3
  • A list of careers that will absolutely disappear after the rise of AI and the “fourth industrial revolution” (but why you shouldn’t believe the doom and gloom headlines + all the jobs that won’t be automated that you can jump into now) - Issue #3, pg. 4
  • The 7 digital trends shaping the future of commerce, decentralizing economic control and empowering consumers and producers - Issue #7, pg. 3

Entrepreneurship: How To Build And Grow Profitable Businesses

You’ve probably heard it before, but you need to hear it again…

Today, right now, is the best time to start your own business and grow wealth (inside or outside) the system.

In every issue of Counter Markets, you’ll get tried-and-true business strategies from successful libertarian entrepreneurs.

You’ll discover how to make money and grow your wealth without the IRS stealing 40% of it (or more) each year.

You’ll understand how to trade with alternative currencies such as Bitcoin or gold.

And you’ll learn techniques and strategies for operating a business in the black or grey markets, outside the scope of government oversight or intrusion.

You can expect to receive insights such as:

  • The easiest way to accept cryptocurrency payments for your products and services without the State taxing your earnings  - Issue #17, pg. 17
  • 5 critical lessons for running a “grey” Agorist enterprise and avoiding government bureaucrats (as best you can) from the serial entrepreneur Vin Armani - Issue #15, pg. 20 and Issue #16, pg. 14
  • How TOMS shoes used storytelling to build a multi-billion dollar business (and how you can tell your business’s story using this simple 6-sequence process developed by a head story artist from Pixar) - Issue #8, pg. 22
  • How the future is written in code and why you need to #learntocode in order to design a free world - Issue #12, pg. 13
  • How to create an in-home broadcast studio (and build an independent content creation empire) for only $870 - Issue #13, pg. 19

Self-Sufficiency: How To Live Independently And Produce Basic Necessities

If there's a set of skills you need more than any other (especially when the government is $22 trillion in debt) it's knowing how to survive and thrive on your own without asking for permission, without getting a license, and without getting caught.

That’s why we deliver DIY guides on everything from 3D printers to solar power so you know how to keep your family warm, put food on the table, and create the things you need to live comfortably while staying as off-grid as possible.

But more than self-sufficient living...

You’ll learn about technologies and platforms that are decentralizing both the government’s and the corporatists’ control over our lives. And we’ll show you how to use these tools to live free and prosper.

You’ll discover:

  • A complete step-by-step guide to collecting rainwater, from choosing the right rain barrels to building your own underwater reservoir - Issue #17, pg 21
  • The secret for creating renewable natural gas used for stoves, vehicles, and generating electricity that’s sweeping Thailand (and how to set it up yourself quickly and cheaply) - Issue #16, pg. 33
  • A real-world 3D printing case study featuring 5 new medical devices created on a local level, proving that 3D printing solves previously unsolvable problems (and what lies in the future for this highly disruptive technology) - Issue #12, pg. 22
  • How to automate tasks, chores, and even your urban farming project using simple, open source micro-controllers you can set up in a day - Issue #8, pg. 30
  • Everything you need to know about hydroponics (from a professional urban farmer) and how to set up your own grow operation in a small space for under $200 + all the materials you’ll need to grow enough leafy greens to eat every single day - Issue #13, pg. 27

Wealth Protection and Growth: How To Prosper Outside of Wall Street and Away from the Taxman

The government steals your money any way it can.

We show you how to invest your fiat USD into commodities, properties, cryptocurrencies, and more to safeguard your wealth from the greedy hands of politicians.

And then we show you how to leverage these assets to grow your wealth and financial security long term.

We’ll also walk you through systems and processes you can use to circumvent traditional banking or investment options in order to get higher returns without letting the banksters profit from your activity.

You’ll learn about:

  • The top 5 cryptocurrencies you must invest in long term (and why you should avoid most altcoins and their never-ending “pump and dump” schemes) - Issue #1, pg. 35
  • 8 proven and powerful strategies for avoiding paying taxes (from the mundane to the extreme) - Issue #4, pg. 40
  • How to create diehard fans and explode revenue (or cause social outrage and lose millions of dollars) through “cultural capital” - Issue #17, pg. 31
  • A 14-point strategy for storing and growing your wealth off-grid and “on-grid” (even statists could get behind) - Issue #3, pg. 38
  • How to survive the collapse of the US dollar (and the 8 types of currencies you must have to thrive in the aftermath) - Issue #13, pg. 42

Bitcoin And Silver Reports

If you want to profit from Bitcoin, you need to know when to buy and sell it.

Every month, we dive into the latest Bitcoin activity, showing you when it dipped and rose in price and the activity surrounding these events.

We’ll give you insight into the mind of a Bitcoin trader and forecast future activity so you’ll be prepared to “strike” at the right moments.

But we go beyond cryptocurrency and monitor the second-best reserve for wealth next to gold...


We analyze current monetary policy, global market activity, and economies in key countries to give you insights into how the US dollar and stock market is performing so you know what’s driving the price of silver up or down.

We also show you how well silver has been trading, recap its latest activity, and forecast what’s coming in the future so you know when and how to invest your wealth in this precious metal as a proven safe-haven from recessions, depressions, and collapses.

Some of our insights are so important and powerful, even mainstream magazines like Forbes have to cover what we report:

So Here's Your Chance to Get the Only ACTIONABLE Newsletter in the World Focused on Building Your Wealth and Smashing the State...

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Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality

This slim ebook puts into plain language how embracing the concept of self ownership provides a path to a better life, a more peaceful society, and the abolition of the State.

Inside Self Ownership you'll discover:

  • What "ownership" truly means and how you come to own yourself (and therefore, come to own things outside of yourself).
  • What property is and what it isn't. 
  • How violence is used to settle territory (property) claims throughout nature.
  • How immorality is defined as aggressing against claimed property. 
  • How the secret to reducing human violence rests in peaceful ways to protect property and better ways to deal with property disputes (blockchain).  

Plus much, much more... 

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self ownership book by vin armani

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  • 12 Month Subscription to the Counter Markets Newsletter (1 New Issue Delivered Monthly for 12 Months)
  • Every Archived Issue of Counter Markets (27+)
  • Exclusive Access to the Private Counter Markets Mastermind
  • A Digital Copy of Vin Armani's Book: Self Ownership


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This Is Your Chance...

Your chance to stop thinking about liberty...and start practicing it.

To stop letting the State dictate your life...and live on your own terms.

To stop reading about great freedom pioneers of the past...and be one.

Because the State doesn’t care about what you know, what you read, what you watch, or what you think.

It cares about what you DO.

And when you buy, sell, trade, and BUILD your own wealth and liberty outside of the State's control, you reclaim your sovereignty. 


Are you ready to not only think free, but live free?

Because if not, that's fine. 

You can stay trapped in playing politics and waiting to get scraps from the bureaucrats table. 

You can put your money into Wall Street and let the cronyists steal it all over again. 

You can wait for your social security check (that will be insolvent by 2034). 

And you can remain a tax slave.


You can choose to participate in CREATING freedom in real-time, laying the foundation for a free society that your kids and their kids can enjoy all while securing your wealth and fighting the State through counter-economics.

Now is your chance to choose who you're going to be and what you're going to do for yourself, your family, and for the future of human liberty...

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  • Every Archived Issue of Counter Markets (27+)
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  • A Digital Copy of Vin Armani's Book: Self Ownership


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"It is difficult to imagine how we could have a free society - should we wish it - without a free market." Samuel E Konkin III