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You missed out!

If you're one of the brave souls who refuses to be ruled any longer by wicked politicians and corporations and are searching for the nearest exit to OPT-OUT of this sick society then you must...


Thousands of liberty-loving people (like you) are successfully surviving "outside" of the corrupt political and financial system.. 

...overcoming the restrictions on their liberty... 

...and hiding their wealth and activities from the tyrants seeking to control them...

And now...

This page will reveal their secrets for radical "freedom without permission" to liberate yourself from present and future tyranny


The Counter Markets Newsletter

Inside the Counter Markets Newsletter, you'll discover how to:

  • Trade in "underground" economies without bureaucrats snooping on your business...
  • Build and safeguard your wealth from tax authorities using proven legal strategies... 
  • Provide your own abundant food and energy year-round with simple yet highly effective tools...
  • Leverage the latest cybersecurity technology to hide yourself and your activities from mass surveillance and hackers (no special knowledge or skills required)...
  • Buy, earn, and trade the top cryptocurrencies for profit and personal independence from the rigged financial system...
  • Start and grow successful side hustles in the "informal" market to earn a truly independent (and hidden) income...
  • Form and join powerful communities (online and in-person) with likeminded freedom-loving radicals...

And ultimately...

Learn how to survive outside of government and corporate rule no matter how tyrannical society becomes, no matter where you live, no matter how wealthy or poor your are right now, and no matter what form of authoritarianism you face...

ANYONE can use the strategies, tactics, resources, and community inside the Counter Markets Newsletter to liberate themselves, their friends, and their family from technocratic control over their lives.

James Corbett

Finally! A newsletter focused on agorism and counter-economics. The technology underlying agorism and the community surrounding it are growing so fast, it’s tough to keep track of it all. I’m looking forward to finding new topics/ideas/technologies and people on these pages.

Who Are We to Tell You How to Grow Your Wealth and Starve the State?

We're self-made libertarian entrepreneurs who live and breathe agorism. 

Agorism was coined in the ‘70s by radical libertarian theorist Samuel Edward Konkin III:

samuel edward konkin III

“The goal of agorism is the agora. The society of the open marketplace as near to untainted by theft, assault, and fraud as can be humanly attained is as close to a free society as can be achieved. And a free society is the only one in which each and every one of us can satisfy his or her subjective values without crushing others’ values by violence and coercion”.

Samuel Edward Konkin III, "SEK3"

In short:

Agorism is the peaceful economic exchange of goods and services outside of the State’s control.

This is often called “counter-economics.” 

It's when enterprising individuals peacefully and voluntarily buy and sell products and services in the black and "grey" markets - ignoring the State’s laws, regulations, and restrictions on commerce.

Basically, you’re buying and selling what you want, how you want, with whomever you want, any time you want WITHOUT government approval.

We’ve built, bootstrapped, and grown scores of online and offline businesses for over 30 years ranging from alternative media and advertising to wealth management, cryptocurrency solutions, and self-sufficiency. 

We've done it above-board in the white market...

...In the weird, regulatory loopholes of the grey market...

And (theoretically, for the state agents reading) in the forbidden black market.

Here's the short list of the agorists behind the Counter Markets Newsletter:

Jeff Paul

Digital media and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, homeschooling dad, and mediocre gardener. Current co-founder and editor of

Vin Armani

Serial entrepreneur and startup founder, software developer, and media star. Current founder of and partner at

Nicholas West

Editor-in-Chief of Activist Post Media and expat in an undisclosed location in Central America.

Brian Berletic

Self-sufficiency expert and founder of a cooperative makerspace in Thailand.

MC Laubscher

Wealth advisor and host of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast.

Derrick Broze

Independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and leading Agorist.

And now...

We're going to show you step-by-step HOW to put agorism into action to take control of your life, your future, and your liberty.

Here’s Exactly What You Get in Each and Every Issue of the Counter Markets Newsletter

Every Issue Is Divided Into 5 main sections:

  • Trends & Forecasting - Insights, investment options, and breaking developments in economics, politics, and technology
  • Entrepreneurship - Step-by-step guides to create profitable side hustles and successful businesses online or offline.
  • Wealth Protection & Growth - Financial strategies to minimize taxes, protect your assets, grow your wealth, and survive any economy.
  • Self-Sufficiency - Tools and tips to grow your own food, generate your own energy, and live outside the grid.
  • Bitcoin & Silver Reports - Focused analysis and forecasts on silver and Bitcoin to pierce through the noise and make intelligent investments.

Trends and Forecasting

We analyze global and local trends in current events as if they are puzzle pieces. 

Arranging them together to reveal a tapestry of emerging changes, opportunities, and warnings for the future.

Giving you the opportunity to slow down, trace the past, and gain a deeper understanding of how we wound up in the world as it stands today...

...and where the zeitgeist is leading.

For both profitable investments and detailed knowledge of the forces shaping reality around you.

You'll learn about:

  • The Rockefeller Foundation report revealing the plan to “transform the U.S. food system” through 3 fundamental shifts intended to centralize control and shred any semblance of food sovereignty - Issue #43, pg 3
  • How the U.N. and central banks are trying to create a permanent “crisis mentality” to reset the global economy and usher in “carrot-and-stick” UBI, a digitized dollar, and unleash the full power of surveillance technology - Issue #38, pg 12
  • 10 tips for building and organizing “freedom cells” - decentralized communities creating their own economy outside of the State’s control - Issue #35, pg 7
  • Why you shouldn’t fear autonomous, self-driving vehicles (and how they’ll ultimately undermine the State’s power and improve your life in 8 key areas) - Issue #1, pg 12
  • How the democrats and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are conspiring to install invasive tech in EVERY new car that treats every driver like a drunk driver...limiting your autonomy to travel...while making you pay for it with your taxes - Issue #42, pg 9
  • PROOF that international central bankers want to BAN these 5 stablecoins and pave the way for a mandatory “central bank digital currency” (and how the U.S. is closer to a cashless society than you think) - Issue #39, pg 6
  • How blockchain technology can “protect the children” from predators better than any government program or corporate 3rd-party - Issue #37, pg 14
  • The rise of “technocracy” and the technologies developed by corporations, sold to governments, and used by cops to predict crime, bust drug dealers, and all but erase the 4th Amendment (yes, you should be scared...but you can fight back) - Issue #15, pg 3
  • Why drone delivery is good for consumers and producers (and why even climate alarmists should welcome the new technology) - Issue #34, pg 13
  • 10 alternative social media and content sharing sites that actively preserve your privacy and freedom of speech (and why it’s time to exit the “surveillance state” known as Facebook and the other major social sites) - Issue #8, pg 3
  • The two “N’s” of freedom: noncompliance and nullification, and how to (successfully) wield them against the police state - Issue #35, pg 17
  • A list of careers that will absolutely disappear after the rise of AI and the “fourth industrial revolution” (but why you shouldn’t believe the doom and gloom headlines + all the jobs that won’t be automated that you can jump into now) - Issue #3, pg 4
  • Unveiling the world’s first blockchain-powered phone for the greatest mobile security (yet) possible and the most decentralized network ever created - Issue #36, pg 4
  • The 7 digital trends shaping the future of commerce, decentralizing economic control and empowering consumers and producers - Issue #7, pg 3
  • The truth about DARPA infecting millions with “monkey virus” in their anti-polio vaccine, pushing a transhumanist agenda, secretly collecting your medical records, and why the proposed new “mental health” government agency, HARPA, may be even worse - Issue #32, pg 8
  • Why biometrics WON’T make you safer (And why they’re MORE dangerous than pin numbers and passwords) - Issue #31, pg 3
  • Why the Club of Rome - the global government think tank - has emerged from the shadows to beg governments to use the COVID crisis “to usher in global systemic change” and the chilling truth of what that means for you - Issue #40, pg 9
  • The New York nonprofit you haven’t heard of being bankrolled by Bill Gates and Google to “reimagine and reinvent” education for the purpose of gathering and centralizing socio-emotional and cognitive-behavioral data about your kids into Google’s databases for easy data mining (and even easier social conditioning) - Issue #41, pg 7
  • The “dirty little secret” of solar panels (and the reason why many are a global environmental threat) - Issue #33, pg 7
  • America has officially entered the “Dim Age”: here’s what it is, how it’s rapidly changing our culture, and how to leverage these momentous social shifts for survival and profit - Issue #41, pg 22
  • The mobile video game made by anarchists to spread liberty through a compelling story-driven narrative you need to see (and play) - Issue #37, pg 12
  • PROOF that we’ve entered a Grand Solar Minimum and the frightening consequences many scientists warn about, including how this will impact agricultural production and prices globally (while NASA claims “there’s nothing to see here”) - Issue #41, pg 48
  • Why Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the Rockefellers have invested tens of millions of dollars in a massive, must-see-to-believe seed vault hidden in one Nordic country (as a possible hedge against mass famine or other depopulation events) - Issue #41, pg 53
  • How China’s “social credit system” has been quietly adopted in America through a shrouded network of unknown tech companies tapping vast troves of your personal data to generate secret "surveillance scores" and predict your future behavior. (Companies are using it to hire new workers and landlords are using it to accept new tenants, and this is only the beginning…) - Issue #42, pg 13


You’ve probably heard it before, but you need to hear it again…

Today, right now, is the best time to start your own business and grow wealth (inside or outside) the system.

In every issue of Counter Markets, you’ll get tried-and-true business strategies from successful libertarian entrepreneurs.

You’ll discover how to make money and grow your wealth without the IRS stealing 40% of it (or more) each year.

You’ll understand how to trade with alternative currencies such as Bitcoin or gold.

And you’ll learn techniques and strategies for operating a business in the black or grey markets, outside the scope of government oversight or intrusion.

You'll find out:

  • Social media is Law Enforcement’s hunting ground: safely doing business in the black and grey market depends on a different real-life “social technology” you already have and can start using right now to buy and sell anything you want - Issue #39, pg 18
  • The narrative driving Bitcoin into wider adoption that you didn’t see coming, but once understood, allows you to profit from this special knowledge (hint: it’s not about “replacing fiat” or becoming “digital gold”) - Issue #36, pg 19
  • The easiest way to accept cryptocurrency payments for your products and services without the State taxing your earnings  - Issue #17, pg 17
  • How Bitcoin can create a peer-to-peer form of USD and why this would be the killer application that drives mass adoption - Issue #34, pg 18
  • 5 critical lessons for running a “grey” Agorist enterprise and avoiding government bureaucrats (as best you can) from the serial entrepreneur Vin Armani - Issue #15, pg 20 and Issue #16, pg 14
  • A simple way to turn everyday problems you solve for yourself into profitable products you can sell to a hungry audience - Issue #35, pg 24
  • How TOMS shoes used storytelling to build a multi-billion dollar business (and how you can tell your business’s story using this simple 6-sequence process developed by a head story artist from Pixar) - Issue #8, pg 22
  • Why crypto-capitalists should be paying attention to the growing "tokenization infrastructure," and start investing in these 4 major spaces where crypto tokens can be applied if they hope to ride this next big wave - Issue #32, pg 21
  • The 3 boundaries of State power you MUST understand to maneuver around the police state (and how all 3 can be exploited to form an “Agora” - a true free market zone outside of this tyrannical system) - Issue #38, pg 17
  • How the future is written in code and why you need to #learntocode in order to design a free world - Issue #12, pg 13
  • The inspirational founding story of that’s NEVER been published anywhere else (and the 3 lessons it contains about building a business and generating enough wealth to support your lifestyle by working for FREE) - Issue #40, pg 37
  • How to create an in-home broadcast studio (and build an independent content creation empire) for only $870 - Issue #13, pg 19
  • The ONLY state in the union enacting laws forbidding the government from taxing your crypto assets, protecting crypto-powered businesses, and becoming a blockchain tech powerhouse wooing new companies (if you’re in this space, consider moving here ASAP) - Issue #37, pg 20
  • How to exploit regulatory loopholes and earn huge profits in “grey” markets: A lesson learned from the escorts and prostitutes of Nevada - Issue #31, pg 18
  • Why Bitcoin is rising as the premier tool to fight the coming cashless society (and why it’s superior to precious metals and barter if you want to “scale” a free society) - Issue #38, pg 20
  • How the internet went from a “wild west” of information to a network of walled gardens, censorship, and weaponized disinformation (and how we can reclaim the peer-to-peer heritage of the Internet through the use of THESE protocols) - Issue #40, pg 23
  • The secret to “living liberty” revealed by the entrepreneurial agorists of the free state of New Hampshire who have found clever ways to buy and sell whatever they want without paying taxes and without using Federal Reserve Notes (USD) - Issue #33, pg 23
  • Why the Bitcoin ABC funding model - built on the “12-word phrase” - is the ONLY path to sustainable growth for Bitcoin Cash (and how its critics will stifle entrepreneurship if they got their way) - Issue #43, pg 28

wealth protection and growth

The government steals your money any way it can.

We show you how to invest your fiat USD into commodities, properties, cryptocurrencies, and more to safeguard your wealth from the greedy hands of politicians.

And then we show you how to leverage these assets to grow your wealth and financial security long term.

We’ll also walk you through systems and processes you can use to circumvent traditional banking or investment options in order to get higher returns without letting the banksters profit from your activity.

You'll see:

  • How the clever and resourceful can survive using only cryptocurrency to buy...everything - Issue #36, pg 26
  • The top 5 cryptocurrencies you must invest in long term (and why you should avoid most altcoins and their never-ending “pump and dump” schemes) - Issue #1, pg 35
  • Why gold and silver prices fell when the Fed propped up the housing and stock market (and why gold may shoot up to $2,000/oz by 2020) - Issue #32, pg 34 [Oct 2019]
  • 8 proven and powerful strategies for avoiding taxes (from the mundane to the extreme) - Issue #4, pg 40
  • Why you should avoid investing in GLD and SLV (the most popular gold and silver ETFs) and choose THESE investments instead for lower risk, lower taxes, and a better opportunity to profit from rising bullion prices - Issue #39, pg 41
  • How to create diehard fans and explode revenue (or cause social outrage and lose millions of dollars) through “cultural capital” - Issue #17, pg 31
  • The big reasons Bitcoin (BTC) may NOT have a bright future (but why it could have a few more bull runs in the near-future) - Issue #34, pg 37 [Dec 2019]
  • A 14-point strategy for storing and growing your wealth off-grid and “on-grid” (even statists could get behind) - Issue #3, pg 38
  • Why financial capital is NOT real wealth + the 8 forms of capital that truly matter, how to develop each of them now while you still have time, and why expanding them will GROW your financial wealth long into the future - Issue #38, pg 31
  • How to survive the collapse of the US dollar (and the 8 types of currencies you must have to thrive in the aftermath) - Issue #13, pg 42
  • The most important advice for wise investors and speculators when the inevitable Bitcoin Cash fork occurs (and why you can’t afford to make THIS fundamental mistake) - Issue #42, pg 24
  • How to start a profitable ecommerce business online step-by-step without a website, without physical products, and without any experience (even a pimple-faced teenager can do) - Issue #31, pg 26
  • 10 marketplaces, plugins, platforms, and apps for selling anything in exchange for crypto - Issue #33, pg 33
  • 8 crypto affiliate programs you can market anywhere and make a killing - Issue #33, pg 30
  • How to work and get paid in crypto, from performing mindless tasks to becoming the COO of a new cryptocurrency exchange, there’s something for everyone here - Issue #33, pg 32


You need to know how to survive and thrive without asking for permission, without getting a license, and without getting caught.

That’s why we deliver DIY guides on everything from 3D printers to solar power so you know how to keep your family warm, put food on the table, and create the things you need to live comfortably while staying as off-grid as possible.

But more than self-sufficient living, you’ll learn about technologies and platforms that are decentralizing the control governments and corporations try to exercise over your life. 

And we’ll show you how to use these tools to live free and prosper.

You'll discover:

  • How to legally manufacture unserialized rifles and pistols in the comfort and privacy of your own home (from AR-15s to AK-47s to 1911s and more…) - Issue #43, pg 42
  • The 13 must-have seeds you need to hoard before they become unavailable to buy, from the most calorie-dense to the most nutritious (even if you don’t grow them, they serve as an always-valuable bartering item) - Issue #43, pg 13
  • Why you should get PHYSICAL copies of these 8 books to learn everything you need to live self-sufficiently, provide food for your family year-round, and prosper off-grid - Issue 39, pg 26
  • The solar and wood-powered castle of self-sufficiency in the countryside of Kentucky you have to see to believe (and how to build your own timber-frame fortress on a hill from scratch, step-by-step) - Issue #35, pg 25-39
  • The 8 types of liquids you should have stocked, stored, and ready-to-use for ANY emergency (water is the most important, but these other 7 can’t be overlooked) - Issue #37, pg 44
  • A complete step-by-step guide to collecting rainwater, from choosing the right rain barrels to building your own underwater reservoir - Issue #17, pg 21
  • The 11-step health protocol for combating coronavirus you won’t hear from the medical establishment - Issue #37, pg 40
  • The secret for creating renewable natural gas used for stoves, vehicles, and generating electricity that’s sweeping Thailand (and how to set it up in your own backyard quickly and cheaply) - Issue #16, pg 33
  • One website to visit right now to find libertarians in your local area to form mutual aid groups, trading networks, activist campaigns, and more - Issue #42, pg 34
  • How to heat your home all winter using just 4 dead trees (you’ll need these exact pieces of equipment to do it inexpensively) - Issue #35, pg 35-37
  • A real-world 3D printing case study featuring 5 new medical devices created on a local level, proving that 3D printing solves previously unsolvable problems (and what lies in the future for this highly disruptive technology) - Issue #12, pg 22
  • A comprehensive and practical guide written by true wilderness survival experts on tracking, trapping, killing, foraging, and preparing food found in the wild (a MUST-HAVE if s*** hits the fan) - Issue #39, pg 35
  • How to automate tasks, chores, and even your urban farming project using simple, open source micro-controllers you can set up in a day - Issue #8, pg 30
  • Essential meat-buying tips and real, inexpensive protein alternatives (that aren’t insects) to feed your family when prices soar and shelves empty - Issue #40, pg 22
  • Everything you need to know about hydroponics (from a professional urban farmer) and how to set up your own grow operation in a small space for under $200 + all the materials you’ll need to grow enough leafy greens to eat every single day - Issue #13, pg 27
  • How to grow herbs and greens indoors without soil, pesticides, or herbicides and provide high-quality nutrition to your family year-round - Issue #41, pg 60
  • How you can get involved in one of over 4,000 different community gardens across North America and hundreds more worldwide + 2 in-depth resources for starting your own community garden - Issue 32, pg 37
  • How to effortlessly grow more than 20 types of organic seeds and produce up to 90 vegetables, fruits, and/or herbs at the same time with fully automatic watering and lighting inside this incredible device - Issue #41, pg 62
  • How Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs saved family farms in California and how to find CSAs in your local area (and why you need to do this NOW) - Issue #40, pg 20
  • The 18 essential prepping items you need to survive when society crumbles (and how one man used them to survive Venezuela's collapse) - Issue #21, pg 36
  • A complete guide to 20 different methods for vertical gardening, 2 methods for container gardening, and a step-by-step tutorial for growing 11 different veggies right on your windowsill - Issue #41, pg 67
  • How “crypto savages” like Vin Armani - co-creator of Counter Markets - are helping to build a culture and society of cryptocurrency users, entrepreneurs, and businesses in one gorgeous, tiny U.S. territory you’ve probably never heard of...and how you can join immediately with nothing more than a U.S. passport - Issue #42, pg 33
  • A comprehensive guide to seed storing and saving for long-term preservation of organic food - Issue #43, pg 19
  • How one ex-law student ENDED gun control worldwide with a 3D printer and a truly groundbreaking invention (no government on earth can take away your gun rights after this) - Issue #43, pg 40

bitcoin and silver reports

If you want to profit from Bitcoin, you need to know when to buy and sell it.

Every month, we dive into the latest Bitcoin activity, showing you when it dipped and rose in price and the activity surrounding these events.

We’ll give you insight into the mind of a Bitcoin trader and forecast future activity so you’ll be prepared to “strike” at the right moments.

But we go beyond cryptocurrency and monitor the second-best reserve for wealth next to gold...


We analyze current monetary policy, global market activity, and economies in key countries to give you insights into how the US dollar and stock market is performing so you know what’s driving the price of silver up or down.

We also show you how well silver has been trading, recap its latest activity, and forecast what’s coming in the future so you know when and how to invest your wealth in this precious metal as a proven safe-haven from recessions, depressions, and collapses.

I am very impressed. That isn’t easy to do. We live in a world where, in many ways, content is produced in such quantity to get someone to pay for it requires something special. I think Vin Armani and his team have nailed it in that regard. It will give subscribers an edge in changing markets.

Jack Spirko

the full archive of Reports (to-date) Inside the Counter markets newsletter


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Issue #46, December

Sometimes the insights found within the Counter Markets Newsletter are so important, even mainstream magazines like Forbes have to cover what we report:

This is Your Chance to Get the Only ACTIONABLE Agorist Newsletter in the World Focused on Building Your Wealth and Smashing the State.


When You Subscribe to Counter Markets, You'll Receive the Following BONUSES...

BONUS #1 -  A Copy of Vin Armani's Essential New Book:

Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality

This slim ebook puts into plain language how embracing the concept of self ownership provides a path to a better life, a more peaceful society, and the abolition of the State.

Inside Self Ownership you'll discover:

  • What "ownership" truly means and how you come to own yourself (and therefore, come to own things outside of yourself).
  • What property is and what it isn't. 
  • How violence is used to settle territory (property) claims throughout nature.
  • How immorality is defined as aggressing against claimed property. 
  • How the secret to reducing human violence rests in peaceful ways to protect property and better ways to deal with property disputes (blockchain).  

Plus much, much more... 

(You get immediate access to the audiobook and ebook version of Self Ownership when you subscribe to Counter Markets today!)

self ownership book by vin armani

BONUS #2 - Exclusive Access to the Counter Markets Mastermind Group

When you subscribe to the Counter Markets newsletter, you'll receive a private invitation to our exclusive mastermind group containing over 9 dozen members (and counting) in addition to the creators of Counter Markets.

Agorists from around the globe are in there discussing how to implement what we teach, how they’re practicing agorism, and how to help one another create positive change for a freer future.

And the ideas, resources, and strategies discussed by our members build upon or expand beyond the solutions found inside the Counter Markets Newsletter, making them even more powerful and effective.

Many Counter Markets subscribers say that gaining access to the mastermind group and the collective knowledge, resources, and networks inside is worth the price of admission alone.

Vin Armani, Pete "Mance Rayder" Quinones, Sal Mayweather, Christian Saucier, and many other important voices in the agorist “liberty movement” are part of the Counter Markets mastermind and all of our members get the privilege of engaging with them on any topic every day.

If you join, you'll be able to:

  • Ask us questions about building a business, avoiding taxes, investing in cryptocurrency, or anything else you want to talk about.
  • Give us feedback on Counter Markets and even request certain topics for us to cover.
  • Connect with like-minded libertarian entrepreneurs, make friends, and form new business connections.
  • Offer your own strategies for freedom and hear how others are maneuvering through the rigged system, regardless of the country you’re in or the level of authoritarianism you're facing.

And Remember Your Subscription Also Comes with:

Every Archived Issue of the Counter Markets Newsletter Since 2017 - That's 42 complete issues (and counting) of hard-hitting strategies, insights, and advice for starving the State while growing your wealth.


12 New Issues of Counter Markets Delivered Right to Your Email Inbox Every Month for the Next 12 Months

Peter R Quinones

The BEST newsletter I've ever subscribed to.

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"It is difficult to imagine how we could have a free society - should we wish it - without a free market." Samuel E Konkin III